Why PEC Insight IVR?

IVR is a generic term identifying the interaction of an Automated System with a caller via a telephone keypad. PEC's Insight IVR is one of most powerful IVR softwares in the industry with over 10,000 installations worldwide. With the Insight IVR application generator mode, system users can dynamically create their own call flows based on their own requirements. So data can be extracted from a database, text file or external application and can be played over the phone using Audio. Insight IVR can scale to handle thousands of calls or can be designed to distributed and installed in many locations. Insight IVR has been integrated with many 3rd party Healthcare, Education, Hotel & various other packages. Best of all is that with over 25 years of experience in Telecom, PEC is able to guide our customers to use right setup.

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Insight IVR Software Benefits

  • Easy to Use
  • Proven
  • Scalable to thousands of ports
  • Dialogic/Synway Support
  • Hosted/Purchase Options
  • ODBC Compliant
  • Fidelio Support
  • VoIP/Analog/T1/E1/C7/SS7 Support
  • Inbound Call Support
  • Outbound Call Support
  • Call Transfer Support
  • Recording Support
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