Insight IVR : Overview

Insight Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a technology that automates interaction with telephone callers. For example it can call your customers and remind them about their bills due, your customers can call and setup appointments, or the system can provide the status of the shipments. All in clear voice and in the language the callers understand.

Insight IVR is used effectively for countless telephony applications. Unlike many other software packages in the market, Insight IVR is both powerful and simple to use. Insight IVR can reduce cost of common sales, service, inquiry, collection and support calls to and from the company.It works 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

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Overview of IVR

The Insight IVR Application Generator is extremely flexible and powerful tool that allows almost any voice application to be created.

IVR is a generic term identifying the interaction of an Automated System with a caller via a telephone keypad. As the name implies, the automated system can provide automated voice responses based on the caller’s touchtone interaction with the system.

With PEC’s IVR application generator module, system users can dynamically create their own call flows based on their own requirements. Insight IVR solution enables users to retrieve information including product details, bank balances, flight schedules, order status, movie showtimes, doctors appointments, hotel reservations and much more.

Data can also be extracted from a database, text file or external application and played over the phone using Text to Speech Functionality or the call flow direction can be set based on the data values. From the time the caller dials an IVR phone number, the prompts and caller interaction is defined by the IVR application.

IVR Integration with Central Office

The Insight IVR system works in conjunction with Central Office Switches (Telephone Company), PBX switches, or VoIP Gateways (SWITCH). When a caller calls a subscriber number, the SWITCH routes the call to the Insight IVR system. Based on the DNIS (Dialed number) there will be a predefined IVR application linked to this DNIS which will be launched upon receiving the call. The call flow is then managed by the created IVR.